Central to our efforts to assist many of the children and families we work with is the ability of our dedicated team of local staff to provide appropriate counselling services and implement effective programs of rehabilitation. Right from the beginning, mind counselling is carefully employed during each of the various stages of the process of assistance.

In the initial phase, the counselling provided focuses on assisting the children we work with to make some pretty fundamental decisions regarding their future plans. Street children, for example, need to decide, first and foremost, whether or not they want our assistance to get their lives back on track.

This particular decision is often made unintentionally difficult for them by the never-ending stream of kind-hearted tourists who visit Nepal and are moved by the stark poverty they witness. Generally, the assistance provided in such situations does little other than enable the children continue to choose the ‘freedom’ of the street.

We have found that peer-mentoring, which we are able to offer with the help of ex-street children, can be invaluable in such situations and are proud to have two of the children we currently help working with us on a part-time basis in this capacity.

The counselling services we offer extend well beyond the initial phases and are not limited to just the children being helped. Occasionally, casual employers may need to be persuaded to allow us assist their under-age staff to be reunited with family and, quite often too many families require on-going support in order to ensure that the reunification is successful.

The temporary rehabilitation home we run helps greatly in this overall process. It is not uncommon that a child is initially either unwilling or unable to return to live with the family and so, being able to accommodate up to six children in a safe and secure environment, where they also benefit from a program of non-formal education, is invaluable to us in providing us with additional time to work with the children and their families to ensure that our work is as effective as possible.

Where necessary, we are also in a position to connect families with other organizations who provide specialized rehabilitation services for alcohol and drug addiction. With one of the primary reasons for some of the children we work with ending up living on the street or working for a living being directly linked to an addiction suffered by one or other of the parents, we place great value in further establishing such networks.

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