just-one strives to actively promote and facilitate educational opportunities for disadvantaged and marginalized children in Nepal by working at a grass-roots level with the children, their families and their communities to implement a range of carefully developed, culturally sensitive, sustainable initiatives.

Jimi’s pre-Marathon dream

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On Saturday last (Sept 20th) our good friend Mr. Jimi Oostrum very kindly ran the Kathmandu Marathon in support of our ongoing work in Nepal and has, so far raised almost €700. The fun photos below were to go live before the run but, Murphy’s Law being a relatively constant factor in my life, we’re only managing to share the smiles with you now. Enjoy! And don’t forget that you can still support Jimi’s very welcome fund-raising initiative by donating as generously as you can on his page linked below.

20140919-_MG_8024-just one marathon jimi-1

I am in the lead! No one behind me and the crowds are going wild!

20140919-_MG_8033-just one marathon jimi-2

I am the champion!! I feel fresh – head of Amateur mini-Athletics is awarding me the prize! My dream has come true.

20140919-_MG_8036-just one marathon jimi-3

What happened..? Where’s my trophy??

20140919-_MG_8042-just one marathon jimi-4

Oh Maaaan!! It’s race day and I’m going to be late for the marathon…


Jimi’s marathon may be done and dusted (very dusty ;o) by now, but you can still support his fundraiser for just-one here:


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Mid-flight thanks to Etihad!

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It’s long past midnight now in Kathmandu but I write from the transfer lounge in Abu Dhabi and will most probably have landed in Dublin by the time you read these lines. Who knows – I may even have reached my final destination of my hometown of Clonaklity where this year’s annual fund-raising trip is soon to kick-off.


It promises to be significantly different to my trips over previous years thanks mainly to the generous support of Etihad Airways who have very kindly provided us with complimentary flights this year – the one I’m currently mid-journey on right now and those two of my Nepali colleagues will be taking next month to join me on this year’s school visits and fundraising presentations.

Needless to say, Etihad’s incredible support is of immense value to the proudly low-budget grassroots organisation just-one continues to be and it’s central to helping ensure that the valuable funds raised over the next couple of months can be applied directly to the very core of our work in Nepal, rather than on secondary expenses.

I’m confident too that the presence of Sati and Bimal this year will prove invaluable in helping our slowly growing army of loyal supporters back in my native West Cork to gain a better and first-hand experience of the important work they’ve been so kindly empowering just-one to engage in over the last 10 years.

More about all that over the weeks ahead I’m sure but, for now, I’ve got a connecting flight to Dublin to catch so I’d best wrap this up lest I miss it! Huge thanks again to Etihad for coming on board and supporting our work in such a meaningful and valuable way by sponsoring our flight requirements like this. It goes without saying too that I also echo equally huge thanks to all those who’ve supported our ongoing efforts to date.

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just-one shares some happiness

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So, with a new week already well under-way here in Kathmandu, a second decade has finally dawned upon just-one‘s humble operation! Saturday last, July 5th, saw our incredible team of staff host a truly beautiful party for dozens of children that we currently support and their families, all of whom were happy to come by to help us celebrate our big day – along with a number of past beneficiaries too, who we’ve had the pleasure of working with over the years.

Dhan Saru conducts a melodious rendition of Happy Birthday

Mr. Dhan Saru conducts a most melodious rendition of Happy Birthday!

It really was a wonderful day of signing, dancing, infectious laughter and beautiful smiles and was thoroughly enjoyed by the 100+ in attendance. As occasionally happens, knowing the individual backgrounds of so many of these children, I found myself in complete awe of the sheer resilience that shines through with each of their magical smiles. Smiles that never fail to help the entire just-one team to reaffirm just why it is that we do exactly what we do!

I’m hoping to get my hands on the various photos that were clicked on the day by a few friends who came by to kindly lend us their very valuable support and I’ll do my very best to share the best of those smiles with you over the next few days. For now though, I’ve got something even more special to share with you here - an appropriately ‘happy’ music video that’ll take a mere 5 minutes of you time - but could potentially add years to your life simply through the benefits of smiling! :o) If you enjoy it half as much as we imagine you might, please do help us in sharing it wide and far.

just-one‘s most recent 5-minute contribution to global happiness! ^

If you’ve contributed towards the work of just-one in any way, shape or form over the last 10 years, then you can watch the above video with the warm pride of knowing that you’ve helped us to achieve what we’ve achieved. If you haven’t, then don’t worry and know that it’s never too late to support our important work. It doesn’t take much to make a difference and you can rest assured that whatever assistance you might kindly choose to give us, will be hugely appreciated by all here.

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